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NEWS / posted: 11 Feb 2017

Louie Vega Nominated for a Grammy again

This year marks the return of living house music legend, Louie Vega to a...

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REVIVAL: Keeping House Alive

Let's Boogie Down and start the nu year with our first edition of REVIVAL: Keeping...

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NEWS / posted: 17 Nov 2016

RIP David Mancuso

This year we have lost music legends and this adds up...

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Revival Vol. 5

Househeadz... We are back with another edition of REVIVAL to keep house alive! With...

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We are back with our fourth installment of Revival: Keeping House Alive..Friday, July 29th...

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NEWS / posted: 22 Jul 2016

Best House Music DJ's of all time

House (music) is a feeling. All of you Househeadz would strongly believe or even...

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NEWS / posted: 24 Jun 2016

Richie Hawtin x Model1 mixer

Recently Techno legend Richie Hawtin collaborated with Andy Rigby-Jones for Model1 to develop a...

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NEWS / posted: 30 May 2016

10 Best Male Vocal House Tracks

As you know, a house track is made of sound samples, live instrument recordings,...

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Revival Vol.3

This Friday... May 27th 2016 10 pm onwards at Hide&Seek Swillhouse, Lot 14 Fairgrounds,...

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NEWS / posted: 23 May 2016

Tony Humphries' Top 7 Tracks

You are in for a treat... as House Legend Tony Humphries takes us to...

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NEWS / posted: 19 May 2016

Beatmatching 101

Have you ever wondered about how the beatmatching technique started and who invented the...

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NEWS / posted: 18 May 2016

Q&A Section with Kenny "Dope" Gonzales

You know him as the partner of Louie Vega in Masters at Work, but...

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