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About Us

Adroit e-‘dro’it [adjective]
Having or showing skill, cleverness, or resourcefulness in handling situations.

Being abroad and sharing passion for love in music, a group of friends who where from the same native, decided to unite with an idea to devise a soiree combining the element of house music and togetherness through a series of parties or events. They attended a few events in that genre and even made several conjoined parties of their own.

Back in their native Indonesia, they longed for the feel or vibe of togetherness mixed with the music, so they thought of creating something that has never been tried before, something simple yet extraordinary, a Sunday soiree containing cohesion and the love for house music and what more perfect location than Bali (House of Niksoma, 2004) to compose their profound concept.

From Bali to Jakarta, they compiled the Sunday soiree concept with Paprika being first venue simply with an intention to unite old friends and make new ones and also applying other applications such as a video game corner, Barbeque, etc. Thus, was the birth of the first Sundaze. (Paprika, 2005)

From then on, Sundaze has been on going and held twice a year with an average crowd of 2000 to 4000 pax, not to mention a record braking 7000 pax at Sundaze Park Waterbom. That marks Sundaze to own the bragging rights to be the only longest running and most consistently held non-club serial event of its scale and also has achieved numerous awards and nominations such as best event of the year for six consecutive years, best serial event, best promoter, etc.

Along the way in consisting the Sundaze series, Adroitz has been gaining acknowledgement by sponsors and clients, which is causing Adroitz to grow and expand its scope to anything music, art, fashion, and lifestyle related. Also recognized to have an eye for making great events and the ability to entertain, Adroitz will continue to strive and look forward in creating and collaborating to contribute what’s possible to those fields.


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