Top Ten House Music Documentaries
04 Feb 2015 Some say that House is a feeling, it's a way of life, its connects people in a way, or even an escape from your...

Rotary Mixer Refinement
23 Jan 2015 Look what we have here.. Behold.. The New Rane MP2015 Rotary Mixer. Yes, Rane has released their latest rotary mixer edition. With over 40...

Joey Negro's Vinyl Collection
16 Jan 2015 We get up close with Dave Lee aka Joey Negro, as he goes through some of his massive vinyl collection in the recent episode...

Keepin it real
15 Jan 2015 DJ Spinna aka Vincent Williams, is a New York born DJ & Producer that has worked Eminem, MOS DEF, De La Soul and has...

Vinyl Lives
19 Dec 2014 As you all know, vinyl is has made its way back to the music industry and its about to stay for good. Something called...

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