The Golden Era of New York Radio in the 1980s
13 Jul 2015 Today we take you back to The Golden Era of Radio in New York way in the 1980s and the DJ's that made it...

President Obama supports Chicago House
09 Jul 2015 We're very amazed on how The Funky President Obama supports chicago house music by sending a clip of him giving a shout out to...

The DJ Console of 1975
02 Jul 2015 Here's an interesting fact we stumbled upon...You've probably heard of, seen, bought, and played on DJ Console for your room entertainment or for your...

DIY Synth Culture
25 Jun 2015 Here's something very unique happening amongst us.. something so locally made. Apparently, Indonesia has a highly active community of DIY synth devices, spanned from...

Disc Jockey 101
22 May 2015 Today we take you on a journey back in time.. to where the art of DJing first began. Essentially, people needed the music to...

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