10 Best Male Vocal House Tracks


As you know, a house track is made of sound samples, live instrument recordings, and sometimes a live vocal recording or vocal samples from elsewhere (taken from a speech, other songs, people talking on the background, etc). a house track that uses a vocals are usually referred to as Vocal House and is given “… (Vocal House Mix)” or “… (Vox Mix)” at the end of the track title. Speaking of vocal house tracks. recently just named the ten best male vocal house records ever.  


1. Kerri Chandler - Rain 



2. Kenny Bobien - U Gave Me Love (Unreleased Mix)



3. Aaron-Carl - Crucified 



4. Romanthony — Let Me Show You Love (Gerd's Crooklyn Full Vox Mix) 



5. Lenny Williams - Gotta Lotta Luv (House Mix) 



6. Basil Hardhaus Feat. Burrell - "Black Man" (Nicholas Black & Proud Mix) 



7. Blaze - Lovlee Dae 



8. Yohan Square - Love of Life (Genesis Mix) 



9. CeCe Rogers - No Love Lost (Tribal Mix) 



10. Ten City - That's the Way Love Goes (Underground Mix)




"The Ten Best Male Vocal House Records Ever". Baines, Josh. 2016 





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