Revival Vol. 5 Revival Vol. 5
18 Nov 2016 Househeadz... We are back with another edition of REVIVAL to keep house alive! With your House Aficionados: ADE FERDIAN AGOY ARDI AB & Also featuring our friend, GELLY...

Revival Revival
29 Jul 2016 We are back with our fourth installment of Revival: Keeping House Alive..Friday, July 29th 2016 10 pm onwards at Hide&Seek Swillhouse, Fairgrounds With your House Afficionados: JHUDETH ADE FERDIANARDI...

Revival Vol.3 Revival Vol.3
27 May 2016 This Friday... May 27th 2016 10 pm onwards at Hide&Seek Swillhouse, Lot 14 Fairgrounds, SCBD Adroitz presents REVIVAL:: Keeping House AliveWith your House Afficionados: JhudethAde FerdianAgoy AB See you...

15 Apr 2016 Adroitz Presents REVIVAL..Friday, April 15th 2016 10 pm Onwards at Hide&Seek Swillhouse, Fairgrounds Lot 14, SCBDWith your House Aficionados:ADE FERDIANJHUDETHAGOYARDIAB Let's Keep House Alive!!...

26 Feb 2016 Adroitz presents REVIVAL..Friday, February 26th 2016 Starting at 10 pm onwards At Hide&Seek Swillhouse, Fairgrounds SCBDAn Adroitz Revisit of the Much Needed House Sounds.. Provided by: JHUDETH, ADE FERDIAN,...

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